Vacationing in the wild sunny savannahs of East Africa

Published July 23, 2016

wild sunny savannahsVacation is a great time. This is a time when people have the chance to do what they like best. During vacation time one is able to let go and forget some of the daily responsibilities that usually make like such a drag.

When we get vacation time, we are able to travel to destinations that we love. Often people choose to travel to far off countries that are in a completely different time zone. Many times these are destinations that have different weather form what the people’s home country is experiencing.

For example, people in the U.S like to travel to destinations that are in the tropics when their homeland is experiencing winter. Such destinations include East African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania where they can enjoy the sun. Here the visitors can enjoy wearing their cool clothes; Ladies can do away with their winter leggings and get summer leggings that will allow them to enjoy the hot warm sun of the coastal beaches or they can wear summer wear as they tour the warm savannahs.

East Africa enjoys very good weather all year round and vegetation is able to thrive through all the seasons. The vegetation in most of the region is quite lush apart from some arid areas especially the area towards the north where the Sahara desert begins.  Due to the great vegetation in the region, the area is a great habitat for wild life.

In East Africa there are all kinds of wild animals including the king of the jungle – the lion, the tallest animal in the world – the giraffe, the biggest animal on earth – the elephant, the gluttonous and ferocious hyenas, the vicious crocodiles, the swift cheetah, the numerous wildebeests and colored zebras, and many other beautiful and interesting animals. It is especially very interesting to view the African wildlife in their natural habitat.

For travelers coming to East Africa, they are able to interact with many communities that live in this area. There are several communities in the region that still hold on to their traditional cultures and ways of living such as the Maasai. It is quite an interesting experience interacting with and seeing how these communities go about their daily lives.

Due to the numerous ethnicities that live in this region, visitors are able to enjoy multiple types of cuisines. One of the tastiest delicacy that tourists enjoy is “Nyama choma” served with “Ugali”. This is barbercued meat done in the traditional way served with a local dish made from corn flour. “Nyama choma” is a dish that can be served with many other accompaniments including roast potatoes, or mashed potatoes.

Visitors can also enjoy “nyama choma” with the healthy popular dish humus – this can be served alongside fresh vegetables.

One should try and visit East Africa when the great Serengeti migration is on. The migration involves more than a million animals, mostly made up of wildebeests and zebra but also includes buffaloes, gazelles, and other grazers. During this time it is easy to catch live hunts from lions and other predators including crocodiles which are notorious at the Mara River crossing.

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