Using kayaks as a healthy and effective way of engaging in physical workouts

Published September 12, 2016

kayaking-12Water activities are great for recreational purposes. There are many types of water recreational activities which include swimming, snorkeling, surfing, boating, sailing, and many other activities. A water recreational activity that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times is kayaking.

Kayaking is an activity similar to boating with the only difference being that in kayaking one uses specially designed water crafts known as kayaks. Kayaks are narrow small water crafts that are usually designed for only one passenger. There are some kayaks that can carry more than one person who sit in tandem atop the kayak.

Apart from kayaking being a great recreational activity, it is also a great activity that people should engage in to enhance and maintain their health.

Kayaking is usually done by the kayaker steering and controlling the kayak using a double ended paddle. Subsequently, kayaking is an activity that depends entirely on the human physical effort of the kayaker. Paddling is a very effective way of working the muscles of the entire body.

During kayak paddling, the kayaker employs the use of multiple muscles which includes the hand muscles, the shoulder muscles, the chest muscles, the abs and core muscles, the thigh, and the leg muscles. In kayaking, the paddler is therefore able to have a full body workout in one activity. This is unlike in other workouts where one has to engage in different workout routines to achieve full body workout.

With many muscles being worked at the same time, the paddler is able to burn up calories faster. This is important for an individual who is working out so as to lose weight or to maintain weight. A big advantage of kayaking to manage weight is the fact that one does it in a friendly environment and in an activity that is enjoyable.

Kayaking is not boring, it is a fun activity that many engage in as a recreational exercise. Consequently, one has a lesser chance of quitting kayaking, as a weight management exercise, as many people who engage in other physical workouts quit. Many people who quit other types of workout routines site monotony of the routines and the routines requiring too much sacrifice as their main reasons for quitting.

When one has gotten into the groove of kayaking, it is quite enjoyable and one can stay motivated by trying to achieve new heights in terms of their kayaking skill. For example, whereas beginner kayakers might start with inflatable kayaks which are easier to use for novices, one might target getting better and better at kayaking until they can be able to use more difficult-to-use-kayaks such as the hard shell kayaks.

Kayaking is a safe activity for the kayaker with less risks of getting injuries as compared to other physical exercises. In kayaking one works against soft water resistance that is less likely to cause injuries such as joint and bone injuries.

Experienced kayakers can use advanced hard shell kayaks to engage in rigorous physical exercises that are very effective in muscle toning.

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