Treading unchartered recreation paths and discovering new passions

Published September 12, 2016

woman-cookingWhen I started working, I was very excited and I had high hopes of having a pleasant future with a life dedicated to my work. I work as a chef and cooking has always been my passion. As a child I learnt cooking quite early and I was often in the kitchen cooking with my mother.

This was very strange for a boy my age and there were many times when other kids joked about my passion for cooking. They often called me a sissy which infuriated me a great deal. Many times I was worried that I did not have passions similar to other boys my age.

My cooking passions were hugely due to the fact that I was an only child, and since my father was often at work, I had only my mother as company – and she had only me as company.  Like any boy, especially an only son, I loved and still love my mother a great deal. While I was growing up she dedicated her all to raise me in the best way possible. Our close companionship created a strong bond between us. Since the kitchen was the place where we frequented the most, cooking became part of my early life.

My mother is a very good cook and as a young boy she went to great lengths to teach me most of her skills. Her love for cooking rubbed off on me and I grew to like cooking. Many of my happiest childhood memories are about me and my mother cooking in the kitchen.

Due to my cooking passion, I naturally pursued cookery in college. I imagined that a life being paid for doing what I love would be total bliss.

I quickly got a job in a prominent hotel in the country due to me super skills and high qualifications. Work was great and the pay was much more than I could spend. Life could not be better.

Due to my childhood, I did not end up being very social since most of my childhood time I spent it at home. This lifestyle continued even while working – I did not have many friends. Most of my time was spent working.

This lifestyle however eventually became monotonous. Despite my passion for cooking, my entire body started craving for a change.

This is why when I got my vacation after a year’s work I decided to do something completely different to my lifestyle.

This is what led me to kayaking. Through the internet I had learnt about kayaking and the numerous benefits it provided for a person just like me. I was encouraged by a review of an inflatable kayak that promised to be very safe for beginners and which also promised to be very easy to use.

That first vacation I had an awesome time kayaking. This was something I had never done before and I fell in love with the wonders of the outdoors. I spent many days out in the waters on my kayak leisurely sailing on the water.

During the last days of my vacation I was introduced to fishing. For a better angling experience, I was introduced to the old town vapor kayak.

By the end of that vacation I was a converted person, I became an avid enthusiast of kayaking, fishing, and the outdoors.

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