The increasing popularity of the kayak due to recreational kayaking

Published September 12, 2016

recreational-kayaking-2Kayaking is very popular nowadays. Many times you will see cars carrying kayaks heading to water recreational sites. Water recreation spots are usually speckled with numerous flashy colored kayaks. Many revelers would not count a recreational trip to a water recreational spot as complete if they have not had a kayak ride.

Kayaks have become very popular in recent times due to several things. One of the main reasons is that kayaks are easy to use – even for beginners. Kayaks are very user friendly. Other water vessels such as the customary boats are normally difficult to use especially for a beginner. Some boats also require two or more users for easier steering. With the kayak, a single person can easily and effectively steer the kayak.

It takes a very little time to learn the basics of kayaking and even a small child can grasp these basics in a short time. One of the reasons that makes the kayaks so easy to use is the fact that its design makes it very safe.

There are some kayaks that are easier to use than others. Kayaks that are built with a wider and a flatter hull are easier to use for the beginners. This is because such kayaks have higher initial stability. Initial stability is the stability of the kayak when it is not in motion. This stability is crucial for the beginner who will usually have a tough time getting on the kayak.

A kayak that has a narrower V shaped hull will usually have a higher secondary stability. This is the stability of the kayak when it is in motion. Higher secondary stability is usually important for the experienced kayaker. This stability is important when navigating rough waters. However, when motionless, these kayaks can be very wobbly.

In modern times, kayaks have become popular mostly due to recreational users. Recreational users use the kayak occasionally and for short periods during their recreational time such as during their vacation. Therefore, recreational kayak users do not need a kayak that is very complicated or expensive.

The best type of kayak for recreational users is the inflatable kayak. The inflatable kayak is a revolutionary design of kayaks that, as the name suggests, depends on inflation to form the kayak. This is a tubular, bag like kayak that is made from materials such as hypalon or PVC. This bag is inflated with air to form the kayak.

Due to the materials used to build the kayak, the inflatable kayak is very light. As such, it is also very buoyant and hence very safe for the beginner or recreational user who does not have much skill. The material is also very cheap making inflatable kayaks very affordable for recreational users who do not need a very expensive kayak.

Once deflated, the inflatable kayak can be folded and it can be fit into a sizeable bag that can be carried around easily. This is important for the recreational user who would want to use the kayak in different destinations.

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