The evolutions of fishing methods… focus on angling

Published September 11, 2016

angling-2Fishing is an activity that mankind has been involved in for eons. Fishing has been one of the main avenues for mankind to find food. In the pre historic times, communities that lived close to water bodies discovered fish and realized that fish was a great source of food. Apart from being a tasty delicacy, fish is very nutritious and it is a source of food that can be quite dependable throughout the year unlike other food sources that are seasonal.

Having discovered fish, the next step was finding ways to harvest the ship from the water. Initially, mankind used crude methods of fishing including spearing the fish and catching the fish. These were very difficult approaches of getting the fish.

With time, mankind was able to come up with easier and more effective methods of getting the fish. They came up with methods such as using baskets to trap the fish and using other materials to trap the fish in the water. This led to the invention of nets.

One of the most ingenious ways of fishing is angling. Angling is where the fisherman uses a hook and bait to capture the fish. The hook is usually secured to a line which is then secured to a rod which the fisherman controls. The hook is baited with some lure for the fish. The bait could be common things that the fish feed on including worms, frogs, snails, and anything that the fish would be attracted to as food.

There are modern angling accessories that make the experience much better and this include bait casting reels, sinkers, floaters, and artificial baits.

Angling works in such a way that once the fish bites into the bait, the hook in the bait traps the fish. Once the fish is trapped, the angler can then pull the fish out from the water.

This form of capturing fish is effective and simple. It has also grown in popularity all across the world. This is because of despite it being a great way of getting food, it is also a great fun activity. It is a great avenue for recreation where people can enjoy the natural elements of the outdoors such as the quiet, the beautiful fresh air, lovely sceneries, and the amazing wildlife.

Apart from the marvels of the outdoors, angling helps the individual have time where they can have moments to rest their mental faculties. Angling provides great psychological therapy for stressed individuals. It is also a good activity for people who want to enjoy an activity together and bond together.

Another reason that has made angling such as a popular activity is the sporting aspect involved in it. Angling requires skill, patience, luck, and passion. This has led to people taking up fishing as a competitive sport where people compete in terms of the highest number of catches or the best catches.

Angling can be done from river banks or from the shores and it can also be done offshore. An ideal vessel that can be used for offshore fishing is the kayak.

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