Social Media and the Nursing Profession

Published May 29, 2016

Nursing Profession 1According to the latest data and information from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority or CIRA, Canada is one of the most wired countries today. Today, nearly 87 percent of households are wired, making it as one the Top 20 countries in the world in terms of internet penetration (2013). When ranged with other G8 members, Canada ranked second in the group, clearly highlighting the commitment and value of technology in the country. In terms of the number of web pages visited, the country also leads the world. And when it comes to the average number of hours spent online, the Canadians place second to the Americans. The data suggest that indeed, Canada is a highly wired country, and one that depends on the web and technology. With this data, it is no longer surprising to know that social media use is also prevalent among Canadians. But social sites like aren’t just used for entertainment and communications. Today, there’s a growing trend among health care professionals, particularly licensed practical nurses to use social media to perform some of their roles for patients. Although it may seem that social media and health care provision are not compatible, the following uses and applications will help change minds and perspectives.

Twitter for Social Advocacy Work

While other individuals are using social media for communication and in building one’s brand, some health care professionals in Canada looking at these tools differently. For many nurses and doctors, social media particularly, Twitter has become an attractive tool when it comes to advocacy work and building awareness. One nursing professional said that Twitter is the perfect tool to advance her support for an advocacy like mental illness. Stigma is one of the issues associated with mental illnesses, and this can be addressed by using social media like Twitter. Through the use of social media, anyone can support initiatives, or use the platform to provide support to those who live with this health concern.

Today, Twitter and Facebook have become tools for information-dissemination. These platforms can be used to share information, pass news and encourage action. These websites are especially helpful for organizations to spread new information or developments in the field of nursing and medicine and make these readily available to the general public. These websites can be used to update nursing resources, spread new studies and literature reviews. And on a lighter note, social media can become the perfect tools of the trade to help provide entertainment for nurses who are facing stress and depression at work. Nursing professionals also need to relax, and social media can become a great source of humor and light moments. Also, social media can become a one-stop resource for nursing professionals when it comes to their tools of the trade, from books to the best nursing shoes for heavy-duty work.

Social media like Twitter is no longer just for entertainment and connecting with friends. If used the right way, social media can become helpful tools in promoting awareness and in helping the health sector.

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