Skilled Energy Savers

Published March 9, 2016

Skilled Energy Savers

It has become paramount for every household to try and be as energy efficient as possible. The most common source of energy which is electricity has become very expensive for different reasons. Improving the efficiency of energy is essential for the home owners as it reduces the monthly utility bills, and hence, they become more financially secure. The Electric Skillet enables one to prepare meals without the use of a burner on the stove. This is usually more energy efficient when compared to using an oven or a stove burner. The following are some of the skillet energy savers that have been tested and their quality assured to meet all your requirements. The electric skillet absorbs the electric heating element and then transfers it to a particular vessel which makes it possible for the food to cook off a kitchen oven.

Hamilton Beach Electric Skillet

The Hamilton Beach 38500 Skillet is a two in one combination of a griddle and skillet. The portion at the top has been designed to be removable which allows you to use the full surface area when needed. This is a great investment for households with small apartments or if you need an extra burner. The sides of the skillet are 2 ½ inches high which allow you to cook up to 4 quarts of chili, soup or stew. It is also possible to stir fry, fry, grill and sauté when using The Hamilton Beach 38500 Skillet Combination. To save energy and for the ease of handling, the handles are made to stay cool when cooking. Apart from the benefit of saving electric energy, the electric skill also uses little or no oil when cooking and, therefore, healthier.

Presto Electric Skillet

The Presto Electric Skillet is a smaller sized electric skillet that is perfect for couples and individuals. It has a 2 ½ depth making it good for preparing a wide variety of meals which includes frying, roasting, stewing, grilling and baking. The Presto Electric Skillet has a temperature control that can be set at temperatures ranging from 200 to 400 degrees. The skillet also has a warm setting in case you want to use it for entertaining. The 1000 watts do not heat up your kitchen and take less energy thus saving electric energy. The skillet is also easy to clean and dishwater safe. This is a must have for those who need a portable skillet or an extra burner with a broad range of uses.

Best ice cream makers

Andrew James ice cream maker

The Andrew James Ice Cream Maker makes it possible to make ice cream just at buttons touch. The process takes just 20 to 30 minutes after the inner bowl is pre-freeze. The maker has a 1.5-litre capacity which is enough to make enough ice cream for everyone and doesn’t take much of your space. The Andrew James Ice Cream Maker has removable freezer bowl which helps to avoid loss of product when emptying the ice cream and also saves time.

Swan SF22010CDWM Come Dine with Me

Come Dine withme ice cream maker allows you to cook with new Swan. The ice cream maker has a removable freezer bowl, a lid and a mixing paddle and is easy to clean and ideal for making all types of ice cream. The maker comes in a stylish white and silver, and its capacity enables it to fit into your kitchen very easily.

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