I hated my life as a fat college girl, so I decided to work out and lose weight

Published July 21, 2016

lose weightLife in college as a girl can be tough, especially if you are a fat girl. The pressure of looking good is pronounced especially with all the pretty girls who are all at their prime. Usually the pressure is a self-inflicted consequence of feeling inferior to the other girls. I know this because I had a similar experience while in college.

The college that I joined seemed to have handpicked the new girls based on beauty apart from me and a few other odd girls. We were odd since we were not as slim figured as the other first year girls.

I was not ugly, actually, I have a very pretty face but my belief had always been that fat people are not attractive. This belief weighed me down so much that I generally believed that I was not beautiful.

True to my belief, while in college, the boys did not seem to give me and the other fat girls much attention, they did not seem to even notice our existence.  The other girls did not want to make friends with us either. It was as if they feared that our lack of appeal would rub off on them! The feeling was horrible.

Many of the other fat girls formed cliques where they enjoyed their own company and lapsed into a world where they assumed a carefree proudness of being overweight. They would conceitedly trudge around campus arrogantly licking on ice cream, biting off chunks of chocolate, or enjoying some other kind of snack.

For me I could not simply join them. Instead, I made a point of working to reduce my weight. The first thing I did was to put a stop to eating all kinds of junk food and other calorie laden foods. I made a point of eating more vegetables and avoiding starchy foods.

I also decided to join the gym. It was obvious that despite taking up dieting, it was important that I burn up the extra fat in my body. I chose weight lifting as my choice method of working out. I hated running and aerobics which I had tried many times before and failed. I was very dedicated to making my weightlifting plan successful that I even bought some weight lifting shoes.

I decided to plan my time in college such that I would have at least 30 minutes every day to do some weight lifting. I liked weight lifting since one can be able to burn up much more calories in a shorter time as compared with other physical exercises where one might need to work out for a longer time to burn up a similar amount of calories.

To manage my calories better, I also invested in a calorie counter watch. I could use the gadget to see how many calories I was burning up during a training session. It was also helpful in helping me know how many calories I was taking up in my meals.

With a zealous frenzy in weight lifting, I was able to greatly reduce my weight and I finally gained confidence while amongst the other college girls.

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