Hooked to fishing by my dad from an early age

Published September 11, 2016

fishing-2I was introduced to fishing by my father when I was a very young boy. He would take me on numerous fishing trips on his canoe in the huge river that flowed close to our home. The river was a busy place since many people in the surrounding community came to the river to fish. Apart from being used as a fishing spot, the river was also a transportation channel with different kinds of water vessels sailing up and down toward different destinations upstream and downstream.

The river was also a recreational spot that was used for many fun activities including leisure sailing, swimming activities, sport fishing, and diving. I often went swimming and diving in some of the deeper slow moving parts of the river with other boys in the neighborhood. I did this without my parents’ consent – they would have been furious to learn that I was involved in the dangerous activity.

My father was a great angling enthusiast and he had managed to clinch the regional angling championship title twice. When I was about nine years of age, my father had started taking me along with him on his fishing escapades. At first I thought the activity was quite boring – wishing that I could instead be allowed to join the other boys in swimming and jumping off the high rocky cliffs and diving deep into the river water.

With time I however began to slowly start enjoying the fishing expeditions. My father was very keen on teaching me all about fishing. He would for example instruct me on the various baits to use for different kinds of fish such as the assorted types of bass. He also taught me how to bait the hook and the best places where the fish could be found. He also instructed me on the best times to fish.

As I grew older, I appreciated angling more and more and I started looking forward to the fishing trips. The adventures were made more exciting when the competition aspect was involved – I would compete with my father to see who could get fish faster.

Later, as I grew into my late teen years, my father bought two sit on top kayaks, one for me and one for him. The sit on top kayaks had the advantage of being more maneuverable than the lumbering canoe. The kayaks were also ideal in enabling us to be able to access more difficult areas in the river where we could get more fish that were hiding from the busy sections.

The sit on top kayaks were also much more stylish than the canoe. When we first got the kayaks, kayaks were still not very common and we stood out among the other people in the river. I loved the stares directed at us especially from the girls as I glided over the water in my beautifully decorated kayak. After sometime however, the kayaks became common with more people discarding their dull boats and getting the more flashy kayaks.

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