Embarrassingly exposing my ignorance in kitchen appliances

Published July 21, 2016

Cooking-CoupleKitchen appliances belong to a field that I am not very knowledgeable about. I guess I am not the only man with this problem. Usually, the kitchen is the woman’s domain and we men are more than happy to wait for our ready cooked meals while lounging in the sofa watching some sport channel or following the news.

Many times, just as I am sure it is with other men, I feel guilty sitting enjoying myself while my wife toils in the kitchen. When the feeling becomes overwhelming, I at times venture into the kitchen to help out. Many times I like washing the dishes since this is not complicated and I can always put aside any utensil or appliance that I am not sure how to go about cleaning it.

I however was presented with a big challenge the other day that made me realize just how pathetic I am when it comes to kitchen stuff and especially in the knowledge of kitchen appliances.

My loving wife was having a particularly rough week at work where she was carrying out the training of new recruits. It was usually her duty to train new staff members on stuff about work. It was a job she hated. That week, the company was taking aboard several management trainees and they needed to be trained on several aspects of the company and how they would be working. As usual the task of training them fell to my wife.

It so happened that our fridge also happened to start misbehaving that week. We realized that something was amiss when my wife opened the fridge to get some milk to make coffee. On opening the fridge door, she was surprised when water spilled out.

After some investigation, she realized that the freezer had defrosted during the night. Looking at the control switch, it was obvious that there was some malfunction problem with the fridge.

My wife was already quite stressed up at work and the fridge was obviously upsetting her even more. I decided to step in and told her that I would try and see where the problem was. If I could not identify the problem, I assured her that I would take the fridge to dealers and see if it could be repaired.

I could not identify the problem and so, with the help of a neighbor, I carried the fridge to the dealers.

The fridge was however quite damaged and it would take some time before it could be repaired. The dealers however offered to give us another fridge that we could use while ours was being repaired. I was asked to go into an adjacent room to choose a fridge that I would like.

After a cursory scan of the room and the appliances in it, I confidently called the attendant to declare my choice. When I pointed out my pick, the attendant could not help but give a short polite laugh.

I had chosen a wine cooler instead of a fridge.

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