Attaining high school stardom with an acne infested face

Published August 3, 2016

acneGrowing up as teenager, my life was filled with all kinds of adventure. I was an energetic and adventurous lad. I loved sport and since I had a very athletic body, I managed to get into the high school football team which was the dream for every boy.

When I got into the football team I was able to quickly adapt to the demands of football. I was able to even train with the senior boys and thanks to my speed and agility I quickly became famous. The older guys in the team liked me and soon I was being welcomed into their cliques as an equal.

Being famous in high school is like being a rock star. There is a lot of fame and everyone wants to be your friend. My fame became apparent after I was introduced into a game in which our school was playing a fierce rival school that was within our locality. The games between the two schools had always been tough encounters that were highly pitched in tension. They were also events that attracted a lot of spectators from both schools.

I did not think that I would be called upon to play and I was happy enough to just sit on the bench. The player who was playing in my position was a great player who was very consistent and I could not remember him ever being substituted before that day. I thought I would never have a chance to play in a major game until when he finally left – which would be next year since he was a senior.

Things however changed when the player sprained an ankle after a bad tackle from an opponent. When the coach called upon me, I first though he was calling for somebody else. He called on me again and I dreamily jogged into the pitch. I could not believe what was happening and it seemed like I was in another world.

When play began, I was able to relax and I was able to shut out the crowd and the enormity of the occasion. I decided to assume that we were just playing a normal game just as we did at training.

I was terrific!

I managed to make two touch downs for my team and my general game play was astounding. We were able to win the game and the whole team dedicated the win to me. The game made me an instant celebrity.

Back at school the girls started noticing me. I was however a shy teenager very conscious of my acne infested face. I believed I did not have a chance with the girls and so I did not even think about them. Now the girls were noticing me with many of them saying hello as they passed by. However, I could still not gather courage to face them with my acne face.

The situation made me resort to all kinds of cures for acne including natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar and aloe vera extracts.

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