A simple guide to factors to consider when shopping for a kayak

Published September 12, 2016

shopping-for-kayaks-1Shopping for kayaks can be a tough challenge for anyone who does not have sufficient knowledge about kayaks. One does not simply go for the cheapest kayak for sale.

Kayaks are water vessels that come in different forms, designs and models. Each type of kayaks usually has distinct features that make it suitable for specific use. A certain model of a kayak might be ideal for some form of activity but it would be terrible in another application. It is therefore important for kayak shoppers to know exactly what they want in a kayak.

There are two main types of kayaks. Sit in kayaks and sit on top kayaks. The differences between these two types of kayaks is in their design. The sit in kayak is a kayak that is built in the design of the original traditional kayak that was built by the Inuit people of Greenland. This kayak has a covered deck with half of the pilot’s body going into the hollow of the kayak and the upper body being exposed atop the kayak.

One of the main advantages of the sit in kayak is the fact that it is very easy to steer. This is because, due to the positioning of the pilot, the pilot can use his body – especially the legs – to steer the craft. This craft is also a relatively safe model. The hollow shape gives the sit in kayak great buoyancy. The pilot also gets some protection form adverse elements such as from the cold water and from wind.

The other major category of the kayak is the sit on top kayak. The sit on top kayak is a kayak where, unlike the sit in kayak, the pilot sits atop the kayak with his/ her whole body exposed. The sit on top kayak has advantages which include the fact that the pilot has much more freedom to move around and turn to any direction.

In a sit on top kayak, the pilot can also enjoy the natural elements better. This includes elements such as the cool breeze and warm sun. It is therefore a good vessel for one to get a tan in. Another advantage of the sit on top kayak is the fact that one can easily carry more stuff aboard. This includes having another person on the kayak which would be impossible in a sit in kayak designed for one.

Another advantage of the sit on top kayak is the fact that it can be used conveniently with pets such as dogs. Although there aren’t specific types of kayaks that are designed for dogs, the sit on top kayaks can easily accommodate a dog. One should however be careful when taking dogs aboard inflatable kayaks. One should make sure that the inflatable kayak has a tough surface that cannot be punctured by the claws of the dog.

Apart from the main differences in design, there are also differences in the types of materials used to make the kayak. The main differences are in the inflatable kayaks and the hard shell kayaks.

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