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How Intellectual Property Law May Have Destroyed Men’s Shaving In America

Published July 13, 2014

Over a hundred years ago The Gillette Safety Razor Company patented its method of manufacturing cheap but effective safety razors which allowed men to shave safely and effectively at home. This had a dreadful effect on Barbershops who previously had a monopoly on shaving. The incredible success of this product proved to be a double edged razor, sorry, a double edged sword. As the Gillette Company realized that their patents would only run for twenty years the quest was on for new and improved variations on the shaving experience. This quest for new intellectual property rights has led over the […]

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Razor Manufacturing Giant Gillette Filing A Patent For 3D Printed Razor Blades

Published July 2, 2014

If you have been keeping tabs on the newest groundbreaking technology and innovations than you have probably been exposed to 3D printing technology. 3D printers first came around a few years ago, but recently the technology has been molded for many different manufacturing uses. The newest use for 3D technology is razor blades. That’s right, 3D razor blades. Gillette has filed a patent that states they will experiment by stepping away from the typical additive manufacturing for their prototypes and take their hand at 3D printing. This posed many challenges for manufactures in the past, but Gillette is confident that […]

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