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What Is Fair Use?

Published November 29, 2013

What is fair use? Below are explanations and interpretations of fair use from some of the top universities and libraries in Canada and the U.S. Canada Fair dealing requirements for UBC Faculty and Staff University of Toronto – Fair Use Policy   United States Columbia University Libraries – Fair Use Checklist American Library Association – What is fair use? – Copyright & Fair Use Library of Congress – Copyright and Primary Sources (Interesting fact: The Library of Congress is currently the largest library in the world) Cornell University Law Schol – Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use University of […]

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Anti-Piracy Movement To Sue Canadians For Illegal Downloading

Published November 28, 2013

Piracy has been a highly-contest legal issue since the days of Napster. Nowadays, however, piracy is a lot more high-tech; hiding sneakily below the surface with blocked IP addresses, rerouting of information, and off-shore main frames. The people fighting piracy, however, are also getting more high-tech. This ongoing fight between the powers that be has turned into a game of cat and mouse, with the mouse generally winning. The chase is now coming to Canada. While it’s much more common to see people prosecuted for piracy in the United States by way of massive lawsuits they can never hope to […]

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